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The Uchiha Way

Uchiha Sasuke
23 July

Welcome to the icon/graphics journal of ladygith! I often find myself with photoshop open while roleplaying or seeking for an experience party in FFXI. The journal is geared towards the fandom of Naruto, but anything is go. I am by far not a professional and the work I do is for fun. I will claim no schooling aside from random tutorials (Which I have a habit of only skimming) and hands on experience. If you want to learn more about me, head on over to my personal journal! I rarely friends lock!

Feel free to add me if you want. It's a great way to catch updates!

I do take requests. They can be made here and I'll fill them as I am able. I seem to specialize in roleplay icons, so don't hesitate to ask for something specific to you!

A list of my resources is available here. I admit, it is pretty small. I make a lot of my own resources. Some links to art have been moved or lost, so if you recognize something and I don't have it listed, please comment so I can correct it asap!


Crediting: While credit is never required, it is a nice. It is not just a way to say "Thank you" for the icon or graphic, but a way for other people to find more images from the creator. On many occasions I have looked up another user's icons to see who created a specific one, or if I chose to use it, know who to credit for the work. Crediting is simple and can be done as follows:

Comments: Comments are pure ♥! I love getting feedback and comments. Please comment and let me know what you think and what you would like to see more of!

Hotlinking: Hotlinking is not love. DO NOT DO IT. I do not use free web hosting for my icons and graphics! I pay for my space and bandwidth. Please have the courtesy to not make me pay more for something I am offering to you for free!

Alterations: I do not mind my icons or graphics to be personalized to your tastes. However, if you redistribute work based off of mine, please credit me for your 'base'. I'm really not anal and believe 'art' is inspirational and the internet is free reign. If you are inspired by something I've done and want to add your own creative touch, that's fine by me! If I didn't want my work touched or taken, I wouldn't make it available to everyone. ;)

Please never credit my work as your own unless you've made significant changes! (But giving me credit also is cool!)


orochiagenda // A Narutoverse Roleplay Community
shinobi_sex // Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai Fanworks
sasusasu // Pairing Collection for SasukexSasuke

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